Reviewers comments on Finally,, I am CEO

April 12, 2024

April 12, 2024, 1:52 pm - The reviewer wrote:

Michael Earle discovered his passion for geology. In his book, Finally, I Am CEO, he shares a personal account of his unique career and journey to the top. The book details his experiences with various countries, companies, and people over 40 years. Michael's keen observation skills and ability to upskill make him invaluable.

The book is well-structured and provides enough context to comprehend the bigger picture. The sections that cover work-life balance, lessons learned, and a postscript were the ones that I found myself looking forward to. The Listen-Empathize-Encourage approach discussed in the book is effective and can contribute to a more productive and satisfying workplace.

Michael's book offers valuable insights for individuals in the oil and gas industry, expats, and corporate employees. It can help them navigate the industry's unique dynamics and achieve success. This was an insightful read.