A Mountain to Climb on Timor

A Mountain to Climb on Timor

March 7, 2008

An adolescent in the 1960s, Mike is enjoying life at the expense of academic performance and his future. The chance discovery of geology rescued his motivation and career, and led to a life-changing adventure living with tribes on Timor Island, Indonesia, in pursuit of geological research material for a PhD. It was a hazardous experience full of mental torment and physical challenges that pushed him to the limit.

Mike prevails, only to face a menacing crisis on the return voyage when he falls overboard into the shark-infested Timor Sea during a violent storm. Disorientated and tiring fast, Mikes luck changes when the boat reappears to rescue him. When Mike returns from Timor he cannot adjust to living in England and his behaviour regresses until he completes a cathartic voyage across America, at the end vowing to marry the girl he had spurned to concentrate on his ambition. A bright future is assured when Mike's PhD results are published and oil giant BP offers him a lucrative job. Mike has gained entry to a promising career, but when he arrives for the first day of work he is unaware that the battle for recognition is about to begin again


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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906221829